quality Our computers are build, in store, with only the best components and specifically to each customers needs rather than pre-builds.

Due to this fact we can also pass the warranty periods given by the manufactures to you, our valued customer, instead of just the normal 1 year warranty.
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Asus H81M Gamer
(3 Year Warranty)
Intel i7
(3 Year Warranty)
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(2 Year Warranty)
LG Monitor
(3 Year Warranty)
DVD & Blu-Ray
LG External Blu-Ray
(1 Year Warranty)
Genius Products
(1 Year Warranty)

Are your computer or laptop giving you headaches?
Give us a call.
We give FREE quotations on repairs and upgrades.
Before we replace a component, we will confirm it with you, the client, if you want to replace the part or rather upgrade your whole computer. If you are thinking of upgrading your computer, you are welcome to bring it in so we can advice you on the most cost effective way for your specific needs.

Network Installation
Need a network setup in the office or at home?

Cable or Wireless, we can help!
Network Setup
We do network installation of all sizes, as well as maintanance and repairs of your current system.
  • Normal Cabled 10/100Mbps Cat5e Networks 
  • Faster 1000Mbps Gigabit Cat6e Networks
  • Wireless Routers and Accesspoints
  • Network Cabinets