About Us

The company was established on 26 January 2001, with our main focus on computer sales and repairs, but over the years we have broaden our horizons. Thanks to this and the great blessings from our Heavenly Father, we have since became well established.

Our promise to you

We strife to be a one stop shop for all home users as well as businesses, where you can always get quality products. As a result of this we constantly introduce new products and make changes to our current range. Unfortunately not all products are as good as their manufactures promise. Thanks to you, our loyal customers that are always helping to bring these problems under our attention, we can discontinue below standard products, never to sell them again.

We thank you all for your help in this regard.

Our staff

With our highly qualified technicians, doubling as sales consultants, we insure that you get the best pre-purchase advise to help you make the best value for money choice and best possible service.